Make A Super Easy Meal Plan In Under 10 Minutes

I am a huge advocate of an easy meal plan in order to stay on track with cooking at home.  In fact, without some sort of plan, I am tempted to grab a pizza or eat out multiple times per week.

I hate the time it takes to make a meal plan. This Super Easy Meal Plan is making life so easy and saving me a ton of money.

I hate the time it takes to make a meal plan. This Super Easy Meal Plan is making life so easy and saving me a ton of money.

I try really hard to keep up with my Frugal Meal Plan.  I promise I do try.

But, I don’t like to do it.  And, truth be told, most women don’t take the time to write out a meal plan for the week.

I get it, who’s got time for that week after week?  Seriously … most of us barely get food on the table, so how is it we’re supposed to have time to sit and write up a plan about it?

That’s why you need a way to come up with a super easy meal plan.

Knowing how to do that will make you rock your dinners all week.

Why Is An Easy Meal Plan Important?

  1. Without a plan, you end up missing ingredients, so you run to the grocery store over and over during the week.
  2. Nothing gets pulled from the freezer in time to thaw.
  3. When you hit the kitchen at 5 to start cooking, nothing comes to your mind to make, so you end up calling for pizza or eating cereal.
  4. If it’s not easy, you won’t be consistent in making one.

How To Plan In Under 10 Minutes

  1. Download my I Have, I Can Make, I Need worksheet.
  2. Look at what you already have and put it in the I Have Column.
  3. Decide on a meal to make from it.
  4. List the Ingredients that you need to pick up from the store.
  5. Transfer the List of meals you plan to make into a calendar, my Weekly Meal Plan Printables, or onto a plain piece of paper that you post inside a cupboard.

Download the I Have, I Can Make, I Need Here

I Have - I Can Make - I Need

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That’s it.  In just minutes you have a plan for the week.  You may choose to assign your meals to specific days, especially if you have evening activities.  I frequently just make a list of meals for the week and then cross them off as I make them.  That way, if something doesn’t get made, it is still on the list for next week.

If you’d like a more detailed plan, read How to Make a Frugal Meal Plan in 7 Steps.

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Having a simple meal plan like this one has saved me so much time with my meal planning.  It also helps us use up the food that we already have in the house, so there’s less waste.

So, take 10 minutes and start right away.  Let us know what kind of meals you come up with.

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      Thanks, Kristin! If I don’t do some planning, we end up eating eggs for dinner. Not a bad meal, but not something we want every day. 🙂

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