Ebates Review – Never Pay Full Price When Shopping Online

I have been using Ebates for nearly a year now and decided it was time to share my Ebates Review to help you figure out if it’s a good fit for you.  I love any way to save money and if you want to know how to save money every time you shop online, read ahead.

Read this Ebates Review to see how you can get cash back from Ebates every time you shop online.

Read this Ebates Review to see how you can get cash back from Ebates every time you shop online.

As someone who talks a lot about saving money, you know that I have an overarching philosophy to NEVER PAY FULL PRICE.  I share lots of ways to Save Money on Groceries and even to Save Money When Eating Out.  That was my biggest motivation for trying out Ebates to start with.  I’ve gotta tell you that I’m pretty impressed so far.

Nowadays we spend so much time online and as part of that, we do a ton of our shopping online.  In case you haven’t started, there are many good reasons to do your shopping online.  Here’s just a few.

  • Saves a ton of time
  • We can access great deals and promotions
  • Get special sale notices from frequently-used stores
  • Promo codes and rewards are easy to use
  • Things come straight to our door
  • Many stores offer easy return policies
  • Less opportunity for impulse purchases

This post contains affiliate links. This means … if you purchase a product through one of my links, I make a small commission – at no additional cost to you.  I really appreciate your support and you can trust that I only promote products I believe in.  Read my full disclosure for more details.

Ebates Review

What is Ebates?

Ebates gives cash back to its members at over 2000 stores.  It also gives you “The Best Coupons, Promo Codes and Sales” on products you buy.  You can even use Ebates along with Promo Codes you already have.

This is perfect for Christmas and other Holidays.  You want to get your shopping done at the best price possible and right from your home or office.

Read this Ebates Review to see how you can get cash back from Ebates every time you shop online.

Is Ebates Worth My Time?

The simplest answer is YES!  

Why would you turn away from free money?  You will get a check for cash back on the purchases you’re planning to make anyway.  And, it really doesn’t take up your precious time.  You can activate your savings with a single click on your computer.  

Not only can you search for stores right through the Ebates website on your computer, but there is also an app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.  Ebates has a Cash Back Button that you can install as a browser extension and anytime you go to a website that has a partnership with Ebates it will pop up and ask if you want to activate your savings.  

This makes it really easy to remember to use Ebates and helps build your cash back quicker.

Read this Ebates Review to see how you can get cash back from Ebates every time you shop online.

How Do I Use Ebates?

  1. First of all, to sign up, just go here and put in your email address.
  2. Then, anytime you need to do some shopping online, just open Ebates and find your store.  When you open it up, you will see a whole list of stores that are offering extra and even double rebates, plus Promo Codes for things like free shipping, or extra savings.
  3. They have thousands of stores available, so it’s nearly impossible that they won’t have your store listed.  
  4. Once you click on your store, you do your shopping and check out just like you normally would.

What’s the Catch?

Read this Ebates Review to see how you can get cash back from Ebates every time you shop online.

You may be wondering what the catch is … well, there really is no catch.  The program works because Ebates gets a referral fee from the stores that you shop at, so they just pass some of that onto you in the form of a cash rebate.  

The cool thing is that they actually send you a Big Fat Check.  No need to try to transfer it to a bank account or pick out gift cards, they send you real money.  You can also connect Ebates to your PayPal account if you’d like.

They give out rebates four times per year (May, August, November, and February).  You may be thinking that’s a long time to wait, but consider that this is free money anyway.  I’ll be patient any day if someone wants to give me money every quarter.

Will I be Saving Money by using Ebates?

If you use Ebates correctly, you will absolutely save money.

But, if you decide to buy a bunch of stuff you wouldn’t normally buy, then that’s not really saving.  

However, if you know you need a Birthday gift for your spouse, and you log into Ebates to look for a particular store, or even look for which stores have the best sales, you can get a great deal … and, this is where your great savings is at.  Also, don’t forget, they will give you Promo Codes and tell you about current discounts.

Remember, for the best savings always go through Ebates first and you’ll start racking up the dough.  

Right now, if you sign up through this link, you will get $10 for FREE after you make your first $25 shopping purchase.  That’s FREE money just for trying it out.  You really don’t have anything to lose and there is a lot to gain.

Extra Bonus Cash

Ebates is always having special promotions, so it’s worth checking in regularly.  Right now as I write this they have a special 12% cash back at more than 300 stores.  That is an amazing deal.  If you don’t get signed up, you won’t have access to or know about all these specials.

You can also share Ebates with your friends and get $5 added to your account for the referral and they get the same $10 bonus that you have access to.

Go ahead and try Ebates out today.  Don’t forget, Ebates is absolutely FREE.  It won’t cost you a single thing to use or sign up.

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