10 Killer Ways To Save Money On Groceries

It seems these days that we’re all trying to save money on groceries.  Things have gotten so much more expensive and there’s really no chance that it’s going to turn around.

These are 10 Great tips to help you save money on groceries. Check out all these ideas and learn to be frugal with your grocery budget.

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A Frugal Family Grocery Budget

For the last 21 years, we have had a family of 6-8 people.  And, we have managed most of those years on only one income.  I have only been able to do this by being very conscious of our grocery budget and learning some tricks along the way.  I first work to make a frugal meal plan.  Then, I follow the techniques below to save money on groceries, which have really helped stretch our family’s grocery budget.  Make sure and read 10 Secret Ways to Save Money on Meat, where you’ll get all the details for stretching those protein dollars.

10 MORE Ways


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How To Save Money On Groceries

1. Buy the Loss-Leaders – Always look at the ads and see what the loss-leaders are this week.  Loss-leaders are usually the items promoted on the front page of the ad.  The store is willing to take a loss in order to get you into their store.  Try to stock up on these things and then plan your meals around them.  This will be a huge savings.

2.  Save on Protein – Protein is generally the biggest grocery expense, so if you can buy your meats at a rock-bottom price, then you’ll start out ahead.  Read my full article on 10 Secret Ways to Save Money On Meat.  Make sure to always buy when it’s on sale and stock your freezer.  You can get amazing prices by ordering fresh meats in bulk from Zaycon Fresh.  This meat comes straight from the producer to you within days.  

UPDATE:  Right now, if you get signed up with Zaycon Fresh and place your first order on chicken breast, you can get it for $1.27 per pound.  That price is only good through October 20th, so hop on it now. Use the discount code: 25NOW.  You don’t have to choose chicken, but that is their most popular choice.  You can use this $25 discount on something else.

If you get an amazing price on meat, use these freezer meal plans from MyFreezEasy to prep a bunch of freezer meals.  Read Why You Need A Freezer Meal Plan to see how our family makes freezer meals.  If you’re new at freezer meal prep, Erin at MyFreezEasy walks you right through how to make them and once you have a membership, there are even secret videos where you can watch her prep the meals.

3.  Learn the Best Price on Everything You Purchase – I know that diced tomatoes will get down to $.50 per can and chicken breast can be bought for $1.79/lb., so when I see them on sale I stock up to last for a couple months.  I try to have enough to last until the next sale.

4.  Stay Out of the Grocery Store – The less frequently you go to the grocery store, the fewer chances you have to blow your budget on junk food, or items not on sale.  You can easily save $20 per week by only going once per month. Then run in quickly for eggs, produce and milk as needed.  Just don’t be tempted by anything else on these quick trips.

5.  Ibotta – I started using this app in December, and in the first month, my account grew to $50+.  I can cash it out, or let it accrue and buy gift cards for next Christmas.  If you sign up through this referral link, you get a $10 bonus and I make a $5.00 commission.  If you sign up directly through the app store, remember my code: vtrcart to make sure you get your welcome bonus.

6.  Checkout 51 – this is another rebate app I started using, and though it doesn’t have as much to offer as Ibotta, I like that by using them together, sometimes I can get double rebates.

7.  Coupons – I’m not a huge fan of coupons, just because they are hard for me to keep organized and I don’t usually have access to them.  However, I do pull a coupon out of a flyer when it is for an item I plan on buying soon.  It’s especially nice when I can use them along with either the Ibotta app or Checkout 51.  I just got 6 packages of cheese sticks for free or $.25 by doing this.  If you want some training on how to use coupons to save money, a great book to read is Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

8.  Grocery Outlet – About once per month I go to Grocery Outlet for groceries.  I can usually get great prices on cereal, yogurt, snacks for the kids, frozen food, etc.  I have to be real careful, tho, because I tend to buy more junk food than needed when I go there.

9.  Eat Produce In Season – You can get pretty much any kind of produce year-round now, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good price or that it tastes good at all.  Strawberries in the winter just don’t taste right, so stick to getting them in the summer.  I know that I can get apples, oranges, cabbage and potatoes in the fall and winter for a great price, so that’s when we eat them.  I don’t dare try to eat asparagus at $5.00/lb when I can wait a couple months and get it for $2.00. Doing this keeps our budget in check.

10.  Look for Markdowns – I know at each of the grocery stores that I frequent, where to find their markdowns, or how their markdowns are labeled.  I can travel the rounds at my stores in minutes and find the cheese, lunch meat, yogurt, ground beef, produce, bread, etc., that have all been marked down.  If I have a good understanding of what their typical sale prices are, then I can decide quickly if the item is marked down enough.

10 MORE Ways


Get 10 More Awesome Ways to Save Money on Groceries! Save $100s each month.

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You can learn even more strategies by reading Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half by Steve & Annette Economides.  I’ve had my copy for years and they go over topics like shopping, couponing, stocking-up, organizing, family dinnertime, and gardening.  It really is a great book for learning about all kinds of techniques for saving on food.  And, on a funny note – Good Morning America called them America’s Cheapest Family.

It’s so important to learn how to Make a Frugal Meal Plan in order to take the best advantage of all your grocery savings.  And, if you’re looking for recipes that are naturally frugal, check out this article about using Eggs as a Budget Stretcher.  You can also try these Easy Chile Rellenos and Mexican Style Poached Eggs.

I’m excited for you to make a big dent in your grocery budget by using some of the above techniques.  If you think about it, bringing down your grocery budget even 10% can save you $700 over the course of the year (based on a $600/month budget).  If you follow this list every time you go shopping, you will definitely save money and stretch your family’s grocery budget.

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See if you can add just one of these ideas to your grocery shopping routine.  Have you already tried any of these ways to save money on groceries?  Or, do you have some special techniques of your own?  What kind of great deals have you found?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

These are 10 Great tips to help you save money on groceries. Check out all these ideas and learn to be frugal with your grocery budget.
These are 10 Great tips to help you save money on groceries. Check out all these ideas and learn to be frugal with your grocery budget.

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  1. Christina

    Thank you for this list. I was wondering if you have a broken down list of the best prices on items you usually buy? For instance, you listed chicken at 1.79 a pound and canned tomatoes at .50 a can.

    • treasuredmom@hotmail.com

      It is a really good idea to create a list like that and keep it handy. While I have wanted to do that for years, I actually just keep it in my head. I shop the sales so often that I’ve been able to make a mental note of how much something usually goes on sale for. I think, if I buckled down and created one, I could send it with my husband, because he’s usually the one that will overpay, haha.

      • Stefanie

        Sooooo true! I realized that when I stick to a list, I save myself from falling into the abyss of buying crap I don’t necessarily need. This was a fantastic article.

        • treasuredmom@hotmail.com

          Yes, Stefanie, you are so right. It’s crazy how much junk I can put in my cart when I don’t follow or have a list. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Desiree Dusseau

    I am so glad I found your page! I’m pretty good about stocking up only when it’s the right timing, but I always appreciate a new idea!! It bugs me when my friends and family tell me how much food waste they end up with. If I have any produce I can’t use fast enough, I’ll chop it up and freeze it. Also, fruit lasts longer if you soak it in vinegar & lemon juice water as soon as it comes home!

    • treasuredmom@hotmail.com

      Hi Desiree, I totally agree with you, I can’t stand food waste, either. And, I also do that with my produce. Most vegetables and even small amounts of leftover meats can go into a soup. That’s my best way to use up small amounts of random leftovers. I hadn’t heard that about fruit. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks.

  3. Great ideas! I’ve been personally tackling our grocery budget and I must say, the fastest money saver I’ve seen is switching from weekly shopping, to bi-weekly shopping. You really do save from it! I’ll end up buying enough milk and eggs to get through two weeks, but I’m only passing temptations twice a month, instead of 4 times. I’ve just about cut my bill in half since I started doing this!

    • treasuredmom@hotmail.com

      Way to go! Isn’t it amazing what happens when we reduce the frequency of our shopping trips? And, the bonus is that it saves us a ton of time, too. We can all use more of those two things – money and time! Keep it up. Thanks for your comment.

    • treasuredmom@hotmail.com

      Thanks! Building a savings account is a great plan. I hope these ideas help you save up those pennies and dollar bills.

  4. Danielle S

    I really like this, it gave me different advice that I haven’t found before. I do have a question though, what is Grocery Outlet? I have never heard of that here in Indiana.

    • treasuredmom@hotmail.com

      Danielle, I’m so glad you found some helpful information. Grocery Outlet is a discount grocery store. They get in products from companies that have an overproduction or make changes in packaging. Sometimes I’ll even find items that have been a flavor experiment. You never know for sure what you’ll find when you get there, but can find deep discounts on food. It appears that they are only on the West Coast.

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