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Today I want to share with you my Storyworth review.  Storyworth has become my absolute favorite gift I’ve ever given to my mother.  In fact, I love it so much I wrote to Storyworth and asked if I could share it with others.

Looking for a last minute Mother's Day Gift? Storyworth creates a beautiful keepsake to preserve your family's memories. Great Storyworth review.

This is the BEST Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ever! Looking for a last minute Mother's Day Gift? Storyworth creates a beautiful keepsake to preserve your family's memories. Great Storyworth review.
Looking for a last minute Mother's Day Gift? Storyworth creates a beautiful keepsake to preserve your family's memories. Great Storyworth review.

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My mother doesn’t live near me anymore, and I really miss the time we used to spend together.  I think this is a pretty common issue these days.  We do our best to spend time together through texts, calls, and Facetime.  But, it just doesn’t happen nearly enough and as she gets older, I feel the time slipping away from us.

Something that is helping us stay connected, and is sparking a lot of fun conversations is Storyworth.  I bought it for her at Christmas and we’ve been loving it ever since.  It is such an amazing product!  Everyone should get this for their loved ones.

Over the course of my life, my parents have shared a lot of stories about their upbringing and about their lives before I was even born.  And, since they’re not my stories, their details slowly slip away.  The details just don’t stay fresh and are always better told in their voice, anyway.  Those stories have never been written down.  And without putting them on paper they will be forgotten.

That is what has happened with the stories from my Dad.  When he passed away all of his stories went with him.  Oh, I remember bits and pieces, but for the most part, they are gone.  I want to prevent that with my mother.  And, Storyworth solves that problem.

What is Storyworth?

With a Storyworth membership, they email your loved one a question each week and they simply answer it online. Questions like “How Did You Get Your First Job? What Were Your Grandparents Like? What Were You Like At 30?” The list of available questions is long. Or, you can make up your own questions. The fun thing is, YOU get to pick them and what order they go in.

After a year of stories are collected, Storyworth binds them into a beautiful hardbound book for your family to treasure forever. My mom is even uploading old pictures that go along with the stories and these will be included in our book. Can you imagine passing that on for generations to come?

So, here’s the basics:

  1. Each week, they email your loved one a question you’ve never thought to ask.
  2. They respond with a story, which is shared with you and any other family members you choose to invite.
  3. A year’s worth of stories is bound into a beautiful keepsake book.

I have learned so many amazing things about my mother’s life since we started in January. Here are a couple excerpts from her stories:

“I remember being at Grandma and Grandpa Voss’ on Saturday evenings while they had friends over for cards when my folks would go to a movie; experiencing air raid drills while at their house during the war; spending lots of time in the kitchen watching Grandma Voss cook and bake; standing in the front seat of my Grandpa’s Plymouth coupe as he would visit his construction sites before I was in school; watching the family and adults at Grandma Charlotte’s house roll up the rug in the living room, sprinkle wax on the floor and dance;”

“After learning that my friends, sisters Mary and Tafelia, had dropped their one doll and its head had broken on their dirt floor, I felt bad for them and wanted to replace their broken doll. So, I told my Grandpa about wanting to do this. He then made two wooden doll beds, painted them white, and we placed boy and girl dolls on them and gave them to the sisters.”

Stories like these would be lost forever without Storyworth. I am so excited about having this keepsake and all the stories yet to come. And, she loves the chance to share her life and stories with me.

Wouldn’t you love a keepsake like that? Something so personal and special?

Click here to sign up and start building your Family Treasury of Stories now.


Do you have some fun stories that your parents have shared with you?  Leave one of your family’s favorite stories in the comments.

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